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Technical Data

> 3L copper boiler

> 2.8L water tank

> E61 brew group

> Rotary pump

> Weight: 30KG

> Dimensions without portafilter (W x D x H): 370 x 440 x 430 mm


> NEW Nota with Thermo PID (F°/C°) and Digit Chrono

> The Thermo PID allows you to use 3 programmed profiles (recipes):

> Hybrid profile suitable for the less experienced barista

> Steam profile suitable for Latte Art training.

The Orchestrale Nota produces cafe quality coffee and consistency with a commercial rotary pump and large 3 litre boiler. This machine is suitable for the home enthusiast through to a small bar/office or workplace. Endless amount of steam pressure, catering for milk based coffees.


 1 Group PID (available in Black/White & Stainless) 

Orchestrale Nota

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