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Barista Training

Duration: 2 Hours Each Course
Cost: From $150 Each Course

*Courses available at Charlie Black training room or alternatively on site or in the comfort of your home.


Learn everything from coffee dosing, distribution, tamping and perfect extractions through to milk texture, temperature and pouring.
This course covers the fundamentals required to execute great tasting coffee for both the barista and home enthusiast.


Next Level – Espresso

Learn how to setup your equipment including programming coffee levels, calibrating a grinder and making the necessary adjustments to ensure you are achieving consistently great tasting coffee. Understand the difference between over and under extracted coffees and work with a number of different coffee recipes. Finishing off with cleaning and maintenance of the coffee equipment.
This course is for baristas looking to take their game to the next level and for managers and café owners to ensure they are getting the best out of their chosen coffee blend.

Milk Texture & Technique

A milk based class focusing on texturing perfect milk at the optimum temperature in a range of different sized milk jugs. Hands on practice at pouring and executing consistently great milk based coffees with a focus on coffee and milk integration.

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