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Designed to steal the show - No reverse side. No hidden parts. Each side is a front designed to be displayed.


A newly designed project that combines passion for high-quality coffee with the rationale of functional and smart ergonomics. For baristas of the future. Today.


A compendium of futuristic dynamism, solid construction and cutting-edge technology geared around the wisdom of gestures.


A perfect synthesis of elegance and Made in Italy craftsmanship.  The new M200 represents a decisive step forward in the brand’s aesthetic. Hyper-solid, yet ultra-light. Aesthetic stainless steel finishes are paired with a solid all-metal frame. The bright inserts help to lighten its volume and sculpt its shape, leading the eye towards the engine/boiler, the true heart of the machine, which is no longer hidden, but proudly exposed. The iconic ‘C’ profile – an unmistakable trademark – has been redesigned to be more prominent: taut, stylised and dynamic.


> All in an ideal position at the perfect distance to provide all the necessary comfort and agility.

> The up&down system makes it possible to adjust the height of the worktop on demand depending on the requested drink.

> The masterful lighting features carefully positioned lighting points that combine visibility and a striking effect.

> Tilted displays make it easy to read and set preferences.

> GT1 allows you to control the temperature of each boiler, guaranteeing the stability and flexibility needed for various recipes, ranging from espresso to caffè crème or French-style coffee.

LaCimbali M200 GT

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