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The sleek design, combined with top-quality materials (aluminium and steel) and 100% Made in Italy manufacture make this machine a timeless work of art that is built to last.

The choice of different finishes, from the classic elegance of black and white to more sophisticated polished aluminium and satin-finish copper, makes Faemina perfect for any environment.


Faemina brings the most advanced technologies from the professional world to the home & small business segments:

> control of extraction temperature;

> double boiler (one boiler dedicated to coffee and another to services);

> energy-saving boiler insulation;

> exclusive system with integrated softener filter in the water tank to ensure not only proper maintenance, but to guarantee the best in-cup quality for every drink (compliant with WBC and IEI standards).


Faemina’s meticulous design is reflected in a number of details that make it natural and pleasant to use:

> front water tank with removable drawer and automatic display notification when it needs to be emptied;

> patented Up&Down system, adjustable according to cup size (e.g. tall cup for caffè americano, small cup for espresso; brewing device);

> advanced Time & Energy Saving systems (maximum reduction of switch-on time);

> coffee dispensing just 5 minutes after start-up;

> automatic stand-by preset at 10 minutes of non-use.

Faemina GTi 1 Group Urban Matte Black

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