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Region: Apia, Risaralda
Farm: La Divisa, Oscar Restrepo
Process: Natural
Variety: Castillo


Tasting Notes: A winey coffee bursting with notes of ripe berries and cocoa


Farm Info:

Oscar is a 3rd generation coffee grower who took over his family's farm several years ago whilst studying agronomics at university. 

Oscar has always been passionate about coffee production and upon managing the farm he began implementing experimental and unconventional processing methods to  treat his coffee and create a point of difference from other producers in Apia, Risaralda. 


Ever since Oscar began focusing on Natural process for selected micro lots he has been able to achive 86 points + on the SCA scale and produce coffees with complexity, fruity and winey notes. 


At La Divisa Farm the coffee is hand picked between 6am and 12pm to take advantage of the sunlight during the harvest period. In order to achive great results Oscar pays better than average rates to his pickers to focus on picking only the ripe cherries. 


Colombia La Divisa

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